oh, hi. my name is meri and i am obsessed with adventure elopements.


Adventurous elopements are far from the norm in the southeast, but I'm on a mission to change that. I find them exhilarating, intimate, and beyond special.

If you feel more at home on a trail or exploring a new place, or don't feel quite "traditional" enough for a "regular" kind of wedding, adventurous elopements could be perfect for you. If you want your day to be special, and unique, and truly representative of your relationship, eloping somewhere wild and gorgeous could be an amazing fit. 

These elopements typically involve much fewer moving parts than traditional weddings. Instead, adventure elopements offer a unique simplicity and flexibility. That said, it's YOUR day and you can do it however the hell you want to. :)  

Like I said, I'm *obsessed* with them (for a million reasons you can read below). I'm proud to offer planning assistance with my clients who know they want something extraordinary and epic (just like their love story) but may not know exactly what that is right this second. If you are considering an adventurous elopement, I'd LOVE to chat with you and help make your day extra special with some emotionally compelling and artistic images that really capture the epicness of your relationship. 

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oh how i love adventurous elopements, let me count the ways...


1. Starting your marriage your own way 

2. Being in a special place for your two

3. Spending your day exploring somewhere new - an adventure to begin the lifelong adventure of your love

4. Just you two and the trees or waterfall or mountaintop or cliffs or ....

5. Intimate


7. Barefeet. Or hiking boots. ;)

8. Connecting with Mother Nature in one of the most important moments of your life

9. Saying your vows to each other and being able to say literally anything because only a couple other people will hear it

10. Dirty dresses are kind of amazing. The ultimate trophy of the day.

11. Being one with the elements (windy hair, stormy clouds, crunchy fall leaves)

12. The story

13. The legacy



let's be adventurers

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