I choose LOVE

Here we are again, Georgia friends. I am not terribly interested in debates or getting political, but it’s important to me that I take a minute here and make something clear - 

Regardless of what our state legislature decides in the coming months/years, no matter what SCOTUS says, or what the social climate is like, I will NOT EVER refuse service to someone based upon their sexual orientation.

I believe that love is love; each couple’s love is the same, while simultaneously completely unique to them. I want to work with people who are authentic in their love for each other, passionate about living a full life, and invested in creating a better world. 

I have no desire to spread hate or ignorance--this world is far too full of that already. I want to witness real love and create art that is a testament to those love stories. 

So, whether you are a part of a same-sex or opposite-sex couple, it doesn’t matter to me. Just real LOVE.

All my love,