A love story

I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.

The Fault in our Stars

     Once upon a time, a girl met a boy. She was passionate and outspoken while he was goofy and drove her crazy. Unsurprisingly, it was not love at first sight. A few months passed and he moved away and they lost touch, but not too long after that, he moved back and the two became friends.

    It wasn’t much longer before they became very close friends. In fact, by the time the kids reached high school, they were best friends. They hung out at school as much as possible, chatted on AIM, and had a ton of mutual friends. 

    There was always a hint of something more than friendship below the surface, but neither one ever admitted anything. They each kept dating other people and remained good friends. Eventually, she had to switch schools and they drifted apart. Every so often, one would message the other and they would catch up. They would hear bits and pieces of the other’s life on myspace or through mutual friends, but still they never refused to acknowledge any non-platonic feelings. This pattern continued on throughout high school and into college until they finally lost touch.

    One day during their freshman year of college, the girl was shopping with her mom. She wandered off in the mall on her own to window-shop when, by chance, she passed by a familiar face. He had changed in all the best ways… They immediately started to chat and it was as if no time had passed. They quickly made plans to see each other again.

     Their first date went on for eight hours, with them talking about anything and everything well into the next day. From that day on, the two were inseparable. Unsurprisingly, they quickly fell in love. Within just a few months, they were engaged.

    They got married, bought a house, and eventually welcomed two precious, crazy little ones into their lives. He’s still goofy and drives her crazy. She’s still passionate and outspoken.

Together they are unstoppable. They make each other better. 

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