let's get lost | arabia mountain photography

[ Recommended listening: Let's Get Lost by Beck + Bat for Lashes ]

Oh my word, this session...

We were able to shoot at Arabia Mountain in Lithonia. It's a bit of a drive but was absolute magic. Quick funny story: I had such a hard time finding this place. The name of the song I chose to go with this session is fairly fitting since I was pretty sure I was getting myself lost on the drive. And phone service is impossible to come by out there, so I was a little bit frazzled when I (luckily) got to the park. All of that was no big deal once I got there and saw how incredible the mountain was and how incredible this couple is!

We shot in September, which would normally be warm but not too hot, but on this day it was about 90 degrees, even though we were shooting around sunset. Thanks, Georgia! ;) It was well, well worth the heat and the hike. Somehow, as I was sweating like crazy, these two managed to sizzle (in the best way).

These two babes were totally up for my crazy antics and weird ideas which always makes my job easier. They were so perfect to work with!

Fun fact: my mom came with us to assist. She rocked it.

Arabia Mountain quickly became my favorite spot to shoot. It looks like a mix of desert and moon rock and takes you above the tree line, which, in Georgia, is really saying something. It is hard to find a spot that doesn't have trees everywhere around here, which means getting access to a good sunset is difficult. This spot is basically perfect, though, offering incredible sunset views and all-around magical vibes. I can't wait to shoot here again!

These two were a total dream to work with (do I say that every blog? I can't help it - I get to work with the best people!).