Favorite Hikes in GA: Lake Lanier

This blog series is meant to give you ideas of local places that are amazing hikes and great locations for photos. All are within the metro Atlanta area and well worth any drive you may have to make. :)

Okay, admittedly, saying “Lake Lanier” as a favorite place to hike is supremely vague. But, bear with me.

dark waters at lake lanier georgia at sunset with big clouds

For about the past year I have really fallen in love with this place. There are so many different parks all with their own special trails, picnic tables, views, and access to the lake. I have not been to anywhere close to all of them, but I have found really amazing places at each one I have visited.

I have mentioned hiking with my family around the lake before (link) and it’s because there is no shortage of places for us to explore and it is just so close! In the right spot you can find beaches, rocks, cliffs, blue water, green water, big trees, and so much more.

Some parks are more kid- or dog-friendly than others.

They also have really great camping grounds if you are interested in that. Old Federal is especially gorgeous and fantastic (it also has amenities)! 

Lanier has become one of my absolute favorite places in Georgia, to go on my own, to explore with my family, and to take special photos!

lake lanier old federal campground at sunset, sunset coming through trees on the lake, georgia summer


If you’re around northeast Georgia, I’m sure you’ve explored Lanier. What is your favorite part or park? What do you think people need to see here?