a post about anxiety and how I'm dealing

I have a confession. Okay, not actually a confession because if you know me really at all you are already incredibly clear on this fact but: I have anxiety. Like, really. 

I could go on and on about all the details, how I feel like there is a constant 100 lb weight on my chest or how I stay up at night with an overactive brain running 12millionmilesaminute. But, instead, I'd like to first say that a small business owner and stay/work at home mom having anxiety is hardly ground-breaking. It's not even rare. 

So, today, instead of giving more energy to what it feels like and the effects of it, I'd like share a handful of things I've been implementing over the last month or so to help feel somewhat normal --as if that was ever actually a thing ;).

dark clouds and waves roll in over jagged rocks at rathlin island coast by ballycastle in northern ireland by meri daugherty photography

1) CALM - a free app.

This app has become my favorite. It's free in the itunes store and has a bunch of free guided meditations as well as soundscapes (the rain is my favorite--obviously). It even tracks the total time you've spent meditating, the number of successive days you've meditated, and will send you reminders at a set time to do a meditation. So far my favorite is just the breath bubble. DEEEEEEP BREAAAAATH.

2) Lemon Balm -

This isn't at all lemon-y. It was recommended by an insta-blogger I follow. Lemon Balm is a liquid that you can drop into your drink for a very quick calming effect. I save it for moments when I feel like I am about to panic or burst open from the stress. 

3) freeform photography (+ hiking)

This isn't really new, but it's so easy to get caught up in photography as work and business to the point that you forget to just tote your camera along on basic days to just shoot whatever you damn well feel like. I love to carry mine on family day hikes at the lake to just take random photos of my girls enjoying nature. It's almost therapeutic to be hiking with my family while also being on my own little photography-planet.

4) Journey Books

Gah, these beauts really deserve a post of their own, but while I'm here I have to mention them at least in passing. These are detailed monthly planners that break down the day to day intentions as well as give mindfulness prompts based around a specific monthly theme (February was finances and March is self-care!). It's so nice to set the day's priorities and do some internal analysis about the state of my mind/body/soul so regularly and keep track of it.

5) pre-dinner dance parties

Even if I'm dealing with a flare up of chronic pain or don't feel like it, turning up loud music and dancing with my littles as I get dinner ready has become something of a saving grace. It gets a lot of the nervous energy out and the rhythm relaxes me. It physically wears me out so I can just chilllll out.

black and white photo of jagged rocks along the northern ireland coast with water rushing over them by meri daugherty

I know none of these are BRANDNEWINFORMATION for you, especially if you are in the big ole anxiety boat with me, but hopefully something here is helpful for you. Take what works, guiltlessly leave behind what doesn't and keep on keeping on. 

With love <3

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