Happy Fall

I believe fall is magic. 
The green leaves that turn to fire, lighting up the horizon with the most wonderful oranges, reds, and yellows.
The crisp, blue of the sky, generously decorated with the fluffiest, white cotton-candy clouds.

The cool, crisp air that invigorates your soul with every breeze.
The cozy nights, snuggled up with books, hot chocolate, and your most loved ones.

Not to mention… sweaters, boots, pumpkin and cinnamon everything, two of the best holidays!, the promise of Christmas right around the corner, holiday shopping, THE FOOD, Starbucks runs, scarves for every outfit, HATS, long days with your favorite people… 

All of that, too.

I believe that fall is magic. 


What are the best parts of fall for you!? :D

meri daughertyComment