What I've been up to!

Well, jeez. It has been a while since I have posted new content and photos! I am sure it seems like I dropped off the face of the planet and haven't been doing much, but that's far from the reality! In fact, over the past several months, many things have been going on behind the scenes, wonderful and exciting things that I have alluded to on Facebook, but have yet to officially announce. 

First, and definitely the most exciting, I have been growing a human! Yep, my happy family of three is about to become a crazy, awesome family of FOUR and we are beyond excited/terrified/nervous/thrilled/alltheadjectives! Our littlest one has given us a run for our money already with a host of complications and unforeseen health issues, which has been my primary focus so far this year. Many of you were already aware of this as many sessions have been postponed and rescheduled because of it (seriously, you guys are all the best for begin so wonderfully understanding!).

Secondly, I am undergoing a name change/rebranding over the next few months! So, a lot of time and energy has been devoted to working on that. I am so excited to gradually introduce you to Meri Daugherty Photography, starting with this gorgeous new site, complete with blog. Whoop! 

In the next several months, a lot will change (starting with a new member of the fam! *gulp*), but it will still be me here, bringing you all the same passion and sweat and tears, trying to show you the art in my soul! 

Obligatory bump selfie ;)

Obligatory bump selfie ;)

I am so beyond excited to share this crazy journey with you!