joyful love | gwinnett couples photography

[ Recommended listening: Love Will Take You by Angus and Julia Stone ]

When I first met this stunner, Aren, we were grabbing a quick drink at Starbucks. I was immediately put at ease by her charisma and authenticity. Within just a few minutes, she felt like an old friend I’d known for years. She had a fresh and youthful glow that made me doubly excited about working with her. We ended up chatting over our Starbucks cups for much longer than I had anticipated, but the time flew by! 

When we met up a few weeks later for the couples session with her fiance, Josh, she was the same joy she had been at our coffee date. To say that the two of them were adorable and fantastic to work with would be a huge understatement. They were able to really trust me and do all the crazy things that I asked without making fun of me too much. :) We spent about 90% of the session laughing over recently made inside jokes.

While Aren was outgoing and energetic, Josh was quiet and calm, but so obviously deeply in love. His safe tranquility clearly took great joy in watching her vibrant spirit laugh and goof around as we shot.

They are such a wonderful example of the way significant other's’ personalities often complement each other in the most lovely ways.

We ended up really lucking out as far as the weather went. Can you believe we shot in the middle of winter?! It was a crazy December in Georgia (hello, climate change!), that is for sure. We were able to shoot in 70ish degrees on a perfectly cloudy day that made for the best conditions!

Working with the two of them was pure joy for me. Watching them interact and catching those tender moments made my heart soar. I left feeling so lucky to have been a part of their journey, even if only for a mere hour of it. I love that all of those feelings they have for each other and all of those little chapters of their story are so evident throughout their photos; and I love that looking through them, you really get a sense of who they are together and begin to feel a glimpse of their love.

These two lovebirds will be getting married in the very near future and I could not be more ecstatic for them! I just know that they will have a beautiful and fun-filled life together.