musings on motherhood | gwinnett county mother's day photography

[ Recommended listening: Woman (Oh Mama) by Joy Williams ]

Motherhood is a journey with the highest of highs and, at times, lowest of lows. 
Motherhood will build you up and break you down.
It will empower you and bring you to your knees.
It will break down your walls and force you to know yourself in ways you never thought possible.

Motherhood is a practice in patience and compassion.
And more patience.
And more compassion.

Motherhood is sacrificing day in and day out for the hope of the future.
It is laying yourself down in order to make life better for another.


Motherhood is fierce.
It is holding desperately to protect another heart, knowing you can only do so much.
It is feeling simultaneously complete and torn apart, because a part of your soul is in another.

Motherhood is beautiful.
It is woven into the very skin, from stretch marks to tired eyes.
It says you are known and carry the most meaningful baggage.


Motherhood is hard.
It is enough but it isn’t.
It is beautiful, but it often doesn’t feel like it.
It is intense at the quietest moments and seemingly impossible at the craziest.

Motherhood is loving beyond yourself...
It is not limited to humans, to biological babies, to earthly children, or even to being a mom.
Motherhood is boundless.
It is raw.
It is wonderful.

Motherhood is beautiful.