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If you follow me on facebook, you may remember a little while back I posted about one of my very favorite local organizations, Ahimsa House. They are an amazing group of hard-working and huge-hearted people with a mission that is incredibly close to my heart.

Before I share more, it is important to back up a bit and tell you a little more about myself. I graduated from college a few years ago, but my degree had no artistic or business roots. Instead, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Criminology. (Yes, like in something from Criminal Minds or Law & Order, but those don’t really paint an accurate picture of Criminology -- NERD ALERT!) I won’t bore you with all the details of my schooling; all you need to know is that, as with everything I do, I was supremely passionate about it.

I have always been passionate about animals. This runs deep and has an emotional history that is still too raw to discuss here, but at some point in time I’m sure I’ll share more about my love of animals (especially dogs).

Ahimsa House (based in Atlanta but serving all of Georgia) provides resources to get pets out of domestic violence situations. Too often, victims of domestic violence stay in dangerous situations for fear of what will happen to their pets. Very few shelters and other organizations will take in animals, so people are faced with a horrible choice of leaving their furbaby behind or getting to safety. Ahimsa House bridges this gap by finding fosters and transportation for pets so that they can get out of the dangerous situation with their family.

They have an amazing reunification rate, meaning that the vast majority of the pets they work with are able to go back to their family once the humans are resituated. Occasionally, though, something happens and the human families are unable to work out a way to get their pet back. When this happens, Ahimsa House continues to foster the little ones until a better long-term option is available (such as adoption!). This is how the two pups you see here came to be up for adoption.

When I was introduced to this amazing group, it quickly became a favorite of mine, combining two of my biggest passions. I really cannot recommend them enough or say enough nice things about them.

Meet Rocko - A big, playful, super sweet guy who just wants a family to play ball with:


And sweet little Jericho, who loves to snuggle up on the couch and enjoys long Netflix binges (I'm assuming). He heard these photos were to help him get adopted, so he gave me a precious smile (his "pwease adopt me" face).

You can read more about Ahimsa House here.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, they have a 24 hour crisis hotline404-452-6248.