Finding the Right Photographer for YOU | gwinnett photographer

Finding the right photographer is something we have all tried to do. From weddings to holiday cards to births to anniversaries, there is always something special to document and photograph. Sometimes you know you want photos, but you just aren't sure who to go to. There is certainly no shortage of amazing photographers out there, so how are you supposed to choose one? 

Fear not, my friends. I asked some of my favorite photographers for their BIGGEST and MOST IMPORTANT tip for finding the PERFECT photographer. And they gave a lot of really great advice!

Check out what they had to say below, and check out my perspective at the end.

I would say find someone whose style you love, as is. Don't find someone in your budget who you think you can show some Pinterest images to so they can morph into what you want. If you have to save some extra moolah to afford the person whose work excites you, do it. The images will tell your story forever so make them count!

Kimberly Haydn, former photographer + presently a business consultant extraordinaire

I think it's important to meet all potential photographers in person. Once you've narrowed down your list to no more than 3 photographers, take advantage of any consultations if offered. Don't be afraid to request to meet if they don't. 
The goal is to find a photographer you feel comfortable with. Maybe you'll hit it off and become bff's. It happens! But meeting them is the best way to find out if you are comfortable enough that you feel you can be honest with as well as trust them with your special day. And the less you have to worry about the better!

Vanessa Figueroa, Fig Leaf Photography

It's super important to meet in person. Make sure you like the style of the person you choose. Also, make sure you are crystal clear on their offerings, that you understand how their session structure and pricing work--avoiding unhappy surprises.

Erika Becht, Erika Anne Photography

Being a photographer myself... I think the BIGGEST thing about photographers is not only their different styles, but their different personalities. I have heard SO many stories of people that just hire a photographer for just their wonderful portfolio, but soon discover that their personalities clash (and they would NEVER see that person again after their shoot sadly because of rudeness, etc.). The second thing that I always hear is that maybe the client and the photographer did not communicate EXACTLY what was needed for the shoot and then after the photos are delivered, the client will feel disappointed for not getting XYZ shot from the photographer. So I definitely encourage written statements and contracts when hiring someone (even if it's a friend) so that all parties understand what the "vision" is.

Christal Marshall, Marshall Arts Studio

I would say for sure check out their style (posed vs. documentary, etc) as well as their look! And even though it may feel like a hassle, but at least chatting on the phone if not meeting in person to make sure personalities work! Believe it or not, but a photography session is so personal and a place for people to be vulnerable so it makes it easier when you get along and feel comfortable like old friends. 

Jenny Blankenship, Essentially Made Video & Photography


There you have it. Excellent morsels of wisdom from people who do this for a living and want to make sure you find the perfect photographer for you! 

As for me, I have a few ideas on what to look for when looking for your photographer (for any occasion). 

Look for a photographer who creates work that you are excited about and picture yourself in. Find someone whose skills, talent, customer service, professionalism, and personality you trust.  Don't just go for anyone you find. These are important memories and connections you are capturing. They are IMPORTANT. Taking the time to find the perfect photographer for you is important. 

Do you have anything to add? Anything you look for in your photographers? Or something you wish you knew before choosing?