Favorite Hikes in GA: Arabia Mountain

This blog series is meant to give you ideas of local places that are amazing hikes and great locations for photos. All are within the metro Atlanta area and well worth any drive you may have to make. :)



couple on arabia mountain in atlanta georgia granite texture

Of all the places I have been, Arabia Mountain sticks out in my mind as an absolute favorite around the southeast. It is really unlike anything else around the Atlanta area.

Most hiking spots around GA are full of trees. It can be hard to find open sky and a good view of the sunset. I’m sure it seems weird, but one of my favorite things about it is that there isn’t a ton to see. It’s a huge open mountain of granite. There are huge dips and cliffs all along the surface. The colors and depths vary so it looks like the moon--full of lunar craters.


beautiful colorful sunset sky behind couple at arabia mountain

Getting to the top of the mountain doesn’t take very long and there are a bunch of places to stop and enjoy the view. It can be a good spot for kids since it is so wide open and also dogs. (Yay!)

I think it’s pretty special year round, but during the Spring there is a special outburst of plant life that is really unique. The diamorpha create the look of red puddles along the granite. I haven’t gotten to see this in person yet, but I hope to next year. It’s so different from anything else around here.

If you are interested in finding a number of trails around Arabia Mountain to explore, you can find a full list here.



3350 Klondike Road
Lithonia, GA 30038


Have you hiked Arabia yet? What were your thoughts? I just wish it was a little closer to my house. :)