why you don't need a special milestone for romantic photos

Too often I hear people talk about the last time they had nice photos taken of themselves being their wedding day. Too often we see photos of newly engaged couples or glorious wedding days with no mention of getting special photos in the months or years to come. It seems we, as a society, are conditioned to thinking that once we’re married that’s just it--no need for photos anymore.

Ugh. That makes me sad.

Can I tell you something?

I loved Drew when we got married. Really, truly loved him. But the love I had for him then was a tiny drop in the ocean compared to the love we share now, years later. We got married as two crazy kids with no concept of real hardship. We were babies, thinking life would be easy because we loved each other.

It was a sweet thought, but completely naive.

romantic couple embracing by rocky water in black and white


Years ago, I heard this statement made at someone’s wedding: “May today be the day you love each other least.” It didn’t make much sense at the time, but now it resonates with me deeply.

Yes, I loved him then, but I wow, I love him so much more now.

We have overcome a lot together--so much more than I thought we ever would have. We have supported each other through so much more than I thought we would have to. We have battled next to each other through some really deep and dark shit. Really.

And we have come out so much stronger, so much better, so much more in love and dedicated than we were before.

To me, that is absolutely something worth celebrating. Worth documenting. Worth taking the time to really capture. It’s a story that is worth telling, both for ourselves and for our kids. As they get older, I am honestly excited and proud to tell them how much better, stronger, worthwhile love gets as you build your life with someone.


old couple holding hands close up in black and white

So, why should newly engaged and just married couples get the exclusive honor of having their stories told? They are certainly worthy. They are certainly deserving. They are more than worthy. It is a really exciting time.

But that’s not when your life stops being exciting or your story worth telling. That’s when so much of the fun stuff begins. It is (often) when the plot gets thick and the real triumph happens. Years later, through the hell and the high water: babies, fertility, jobs, careers, families, health issues, bills.

In the thick of it, let’s celebrate how far we’ve come.

In the triumph, let’s document that joy that only exists after battle.

In every day we have love, let’s hold that dearly and preciously and know that it is worth recognizing. ALWAYS.


Not engaged? Not married? Worth documenting.

Married 5 years? Married 50 years? Worth documenting.

Expecting? Trying? Not going to? Worth documenting.

No "type" of couple or milestone has the exclusive rights to beautiful photos that tell their story or really capture their legacy. That is for everyone. Now and forever.