Meri Daugherty Photography - Brand RELAUNCH!

When I first began my photography journey, I had a clear picture of where I wanted to go and the kind of photography I wanted to pursue. I began seeking out any educational opportunity I could find about portraiture. I wanted to shoot anyone and anything I could. It was an exploration of a vast new world I had previously been completely unaware of. It was an exhausting and exciting and, at times, overwhelming, experience. I wanted to soak up all the information I could find.

After several months in this new adventure, I began to find a voice of my own. I began to yearn for my own distinctive style and a true passion within the wide world of photography. What began as a general pursuit of knowledge and creativity shifted to a very specific quest to really find myself in my work, to have a niche I could call home, to discover a way to show who I am while making art I felt represented me. This created an entirely different endeavor.

One day I somehow stumbled upon a new genre of work I had never seen before that opened up a world of possibilities. Gone were the typical colors and poses. They were instead replaced by artistry and movement. A distinct style combining light and intimacy in a way I had never seen. I immediately knew that that was what I wanted to create. I wanted to create images that expressed the passion between people. I wanted to explore art that drew me in and felt like it could change things.


I immediately began implementing this new style in my work and sought out more opportunities to shoot for my art rather than continuing to focus on my previous style (general, typical portrait work). After a lot of trial and error and some more education, I felt I finally was getting the results I wanted. At that point, I made a somewhat surprising revelation about myself not only as an artist, but as a brand. I loved the photos of couples, but I also genuinely loved working with them. I loved getting to know them, creating art with them, but also getting to experience their love and being a part of their story--if only for a moment in time. Seeing them walk away from a session holding hands, cuddling closer than before, hearing the flirtatious giggles that would have been so guarded just an hour earlier, all made my heart soar.  That is when I knew that I wanted to focus my business on couples.

Since then, I have gone through intensive changes to my brand. I have adopted my new style exclusively. I have overhauled my previous brand and created a whole new experience that focuses on doing what makes my heart come alive--working with couples, creating art that speaks to the soul, capturing the intimate and romantic moments between two people who love each other.

I have created a pre-session in-person consultation to really get to know my couples and become comfortable before we shoot. This allows the session to flow better and allows me to capture more the couple’s connection. During the session we have already established a relationship and level of comfort, so we can really take our time to get the best images possible. These images will be unlike most photos you’ve seen in your newsfeed. They focus more on the relationship and its tiny details, rather than obviously posed and super-smiley pictures. This makes the photos unique and intimate to each couple. They can easily be heirloom photos to be passed on to the next generation. They are elegant and timeless.

I am so excited about this whole revamp that I am doing an official “re-launch”--and I’m including a special re-launch price. The special price is good when you book through the end of September. It includes all of the regular package details, from the in-person consultation to the full number of images all for $300--a savings of $250!


I am beyond thrilled about this official new direction and the special. I can’t wait to meet new, wonderful couples and get to witness their love.

P.S. I am also relaunching my email newsletter! For more information on that and a free download of the exclusive PDF, "7 Habits for a Healthier Relationship," click here!