3 Best Outdoor Spots to Get Married in Georgia

Thinking of having a small, intimate wedding or elopement ceremony somewhere spectacular, but wanting to stay in Georgia? Check out these amazing spots. You can have a gorgeous, unique, and private ceremony in some of the most incredible spots that Georgia has to offer... no need for big venues or elaborate decor. These gems have you covered.

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meri daughertyComment
why you don't need a special milestone for romantic photos

Too often I hear people talk about the last time they had nice photos taken of themselves being their wedding day. Too often we see photos of newly engaged couples or glorious wedding days with no mention of getting special photos in the months or years to come. It seems we, as a society, are conditioned to thinking that once we’re married that’s just it--no need for photos anymore.

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NOW ANNOUNCING: Limited Edition Family Adventure Sessions

This fall I am so excited to offer a special kind of family session, set amongst the most spectacular locations in North Georgia* -- you and your family will have the time to explore an old favorite or a brand new place. From Lake Lanier to Cloudland Canyon, from Arabia Mountain to  Raven Cliff Falls, let's go an adventure and capture the most beautiful relationships in your life among the most beautiful spots in Georgia.

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